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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I don't know where I heard "Wordless Wednesday" before, but it was so appropriate and timely for me today.  For the life of me, I can't think of much to say.  My friends would say "You're kidding!"  And yes I always have something to say.... ;-)

So today I'll let my work speak for me! (lazy huh?). Yup it is....But today I'll wear the "lazy" moniker with pride.  Maybe I'll even convince you that it really isn't "lazy" just "show and tell".  That sounds good!  If I say it enough it'll be real... Show and Tell, ,....Show and Tell.... Show and Tell!

Soooo here goes.....

Welcome to my Show and Tell.  I'm on a mission to get 100 items in my shop no later than November 10th of this year.  I'm more than half way there, only 46 more items to go! ;-)

Here's the newest Lampwork listed on my Etsy site.

Enchanted Garden

Dazzling Dangles

Organic or Floral
The Back of "Organic of Floral"

And my newest Digital Collage Sheets.... I have some really Cool Specials for buying multiple Collage sheets....

Angels #1

Christmas #1
The Way We Were #2

Art Nouveau "Vintage Perfume Labels"

I guess I wasn't so wordless after all! Stayed tuned... Stay with me as I countdown to100 items!  Of course I have to have a celebration!  Will keep you posted on that idea as well...... ;-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Launching My New Passion!

I've been pretty remiss in my blog lately.  My last posting was regarding the Bead Soup Party hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog.  I received so many wonderful comments on the piece I made that I just wanted to bask in all  that attention! ;-).  Just in case you missed that posting here's a pic...  ( .One last shameful attempt at attention ...;-)

Enough of the attention seeking! I  can't believe I made my "5minutes of fame" last almost a month! LOL  And  now my purpose today!

Moving right along!.... I'm struggling finding the time to sit and make beads at my torch.  I'm a lampworker...I should be making beads! Right?!?...LOL .  Instead I've been making digital collage sheets.  I love working on the computer, working with my original art or clip art. And I think that my interest has a lot to do with being able to schedule my time to play and explore different techniques using graphic manipulation programs...(ok I need to be real..and get off the cloud.... I just said a lot of gobblety goop instead of just saying ..I use  Photoshop Elements)
Vintage Art Nouveau Perfumes
Angels 1

Back to my point.... I'm launching a new etsy store on November1...Digital Tapestry just for my digital and original art work. My plan is to have original art work, stationary and notecards,  (collage sheets of course), and greeting cards.. But most important...this is my playground.  A place where I can manipulate images, work with color, be creative...all the things I love doing in glass , but without the torch and oh yeah...it's portable..I can do it anywhere in the house (get your mind out of the gutter! LOL) and I won't feel guily about not being on my torch!

Whimsical Clocks

Christmas 1

Sterling Silver Price Market

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