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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fantasy Shopping with the Divas

Look what I found on the different sites of the Fire Divas!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

It’s cold here, 28oF to be exact, and I’m longing for a white sandy beach, warm sunshine (sun protection of course), and lots of blue water. Throw in a Mimosa, and I’m good to go!  I want to see the colors of summer…, dark luscious greens, electric yellows, strong whites, hot pinks and neon oranges, with a twist of spring green.  And I know just the place to bask in those exact colors. I’m going straight to the Fire Divas! By the way, don’t forget to vote in this month’s Bead Challenge.

L. A. Jewelry Designs
Silver Rivers Glass
Spawn of Flame
Holly's Folly Glass
Ashlyn Desings
Tease Beads
Shepherd Creations
Babs Beads and Designs
Judith Beads
May Beads

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