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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Better Late than Never! Valentines Day on Feb. 20

The last few days I've been struggling with the after effects of an Asthma attack I had last week.  Every day it's been one thing after another in my recuperation... nausea from the antibiotics which wiped me out for a complete day, the continual coughing, and the return of the cold I picked up just prior to leaving for Tucson. And just one more thank you...to Lori B of the Fire Divas who has been checking on me regularly and Lara Lutrick who did the Saturday Fantasy Shopping Blog for me that I do for the Fire Divas. You can see some of their work below.... and to see other Divas' work click here!

Lara Lutrick
Ashlyn Designs

It's 6:45pm, Michigan time, that's Eastern time zone, and I'm finally feeling a little like myself, my head hasn't been plugged into the toilet for a few hours now, and I'm breathing fresher air (no pun intended!).  A big thanks and lots of love to my daughter Rhyanne, my husband Ronnie, my dear friend Lisa, and my other daughter Areva, who are always there to help out and make you feel better!

So what does this have to do with better late than never?? Nothing really...just a reason why I'm so late posting my Valentine pictures!  These were to be posted way last week, but as the title suggests Better Late than Never!

Two of my Electroformed weeping hearts.  I love working with the electroforming, but hate the time it takes me to set up my electroforming station. I took this class several years ago from Anne Davis, who is a wonderful teacher!

 I love doing florals although I never feel my pictures are really good..seems all the details get lost as soon as you enlarge the photos.
One more floral
 More florals.....

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have these up on etsy......

Right now I'm going back to bed :)

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