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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday with the Fire Divas

I have writers block! In no uncertain terms.... So this week when contemplating what to write about for Fantasy Shopping Saturday, I was motivated to research the month of April. What did I findout?...The Romans called the month Aprilis, which was derived from the  Latin word aperire, which means "to open", referring to the opening of flowers in the month of April. Small animals come out of hibernation..., birds fly "northward"  to start families, and bees and butterflies begin to bounce from flower to flower gathering nectar. And so now I have something to write about....spring colors, budding flowers, things that reflect the organic side of nature. How does this relate to the Fire Divas?  I can find some part of "April" in all of their beads! ;-).  Join me! Pick your favorites! Shop! and shop some more....

Gia Pet ( Karen Komplarens)

AbbieLyn (Abigail Castagnaro)

Ashlyn Design  (Lori Bergmann)
Sun Door Beads ( Michelle Veizaga)
Lutrick ( Lara Lutrick)
Holly's Folly Glass (Holly Dare)
Uvanomos ( Lluvia Brito)
FenG (Christina Stofmeel)
Amy Sims Design
Right Turn Art Werks (Sharon Driscoll)
Rivers Edge Glass (Barb Reed)
Spawn of Flame ( Rosmarie Hanus)
Silver River Glass Works (Sonja McClung)
Susan Lambert
Ugly Duckling Beads - Kathleen Robinson-Young
Shepherd Creations - Patrice Shepherd
Babs Beads and Design - Susanne Folin

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