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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Little "Diva" Shopping!

 It's July! Yippee!

July is one of my favorite months. Not just because it's my birthday month, but it's also in my opinion, the epitome of summer..., my garden is "lush" and in  full bloom, my neighbors and I spend time drinking frozen lemonade and sharing "grilled" treats. But July is special in another way as well. It's also the beginning of all my best fine art fairs, all the way through Labor Day! I'll be in full jewelry production mode!  Yippee!

Don't get me wrong...as a Lampworker, I love making beads, but what I love more??--- putting my beads into a  lush-and-fabulous one of a kind work of art. It's the pushing the envelope for that "big bang", for the "atta-girl" or " you rocked that boat!" compliment that drives my creative juices.  So today, instead of focusing on just beads....we're oogling beads and  jewelry from the Fire Divas Etsy and Artfire Shops!  And then???  Shop our beads, make it yours, and then produce your own "you rocked that boat" masterpiece!

"Ruby Berry Flame" Focal Beads by Uvanomos
"Tile Beads" by Kitty Lampwork
"Blue Bird" Pendant by Beth Knapp Tyner
"Green and White" Bead Pair by Spawn Of Flame
"Rip Tide" Organic Big Hole Beads by JulsBeads
Big Hole "Zebra Pink" Pendant by Hollys Folly Glass
"Tropical Punch" Necklace by FenG
"Roses on Turquoise" Bead by Aloha Bead
"Cherry Blossom" Necklace by Abbielyn
"Shiny Duo" Big Hole Beads by Lutrick
"Coastline" Focal by Rivers Edge Glass
"Welcome To The Jungle" set by Silver River Glass Work
"Tatoo Circus" by Right Turn Art Werks
"Kissing Ball" Pendant by Michelle Viezaga
"Spree" Pair by GiaPet
"Miditerranean" Pendant by Babs Beads and Design

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