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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

Somehow the years have dimmed my grade school education of what Labor Day really means.  In more recent years, I've welcomed it for the extra day added to my weekend.  But labor day is more than that.  It's a celebration of our workforce..., the Policeman/Fireman who puts his/her life on the line for each of us, the doctor who takes care of our health and well being, or the hairdresser/barber that keeps us looking good. We should be celebrating anyone who makes life easier, safer, and ensures the quality of our existence on a daily basis.

This week, to celebrate the holiday next Monday,... I challenge you to give a "free" smile to the cashier who rings you up, put a little extra  in your tip to the waiter/waitress who serves you, or when you see the men and women who serve in the capacity of firemen and police, tell them "thank you". You'll be surprised at the difference it might make in someones day!

Today I want to honor Lampworkers everywhere. Individuals  who work tirelessly to improve their product, who strive to offer the best in customer service, and generally love making you smile when you open one of our deliveries. To celebrate us visit our shops and "favorite" one of our items, or tell the world you like us by stumbling our shops. ;-)

Have a great week "celebrating"!
Rivers Edge Glass


Beth Knapp Tyner

Silver River Glass Works

Susan Lambert

Holly's Folly Glass

Spawn of Flame

Sun Door Beads


Amy Sims Designs

Babs Beads and Design

Shepherd Creations

Ashlyn Design

Lara Lutrick


Ugly Duckling Beads


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