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Friday, November 25, 2011

Making a dog bed to make Spender feel more at home

Guest post written by Luckas Randleman:

We just recently adopted a little puppy and he's still adjusting to life in our home. The kids have been begging for a dog for a long time now and I thought that we would finally oblige them and get one. Besides, once they started begging for one, it made me want one around the house myself!
But we're trying to teach both the puppy and the kids boundaries. One thing that I want to prevent form happening is the puppy sleeping on our beds, so I thought we could make him a really special dog bed for his own to help with that. When I was online looking up some dog bed directions, I ran across the site clearwirelessinternet.com. After I looked through it a little bit I decided to change over our home internet service to one of the packages that I saw on there.

I found some instructions on how to make a dog bed that even I could do, so I made it a project for myself. I let the kids pick out some fabric for him and we worked on it together. I think that he really likes it. Now we'll just try and make sure that he doesn't chew through it!

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