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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Promo Frenzy's Treasure Hunt

 I am so excited about  PromoFrenzy's  Treasure Hunt for this month! I expect it to be HUGE fun! You'll find ~ Free gifts, Free shipping, BOGO’s, Coupon Codes, AMAZING deals for holiday shopping! Many of the shops on our team will be putting this picture into ONE listing in their shops:

Here's the FUN part...all you have to do is search through each of their shops and find the  “treasured” item.  This will not be the main picture so you will have to click around :)   Once you find this picture in their shop you will be rewarded with their  special offer.  Easy , Peasy , huh?!?

Here's a taste of what you'll find in the various shops... You can check out more of the team's shops to the left of this post!  Just click on their link and search away!  I'll post more pics in the coming month of other shops!  Have fun....;-) Oh.. and don't forget to look in my shop as well...(here's a hint: you can find it in my bread section)   UglyDucklingBeads Etsy Shop


Lost Lemonade
Sewing Granny

Magdamagda Fashion



  1. Looking forward to a fun November!!

  2. This is a nice write up about the hunt! Looking forward to November and what it may bring.


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