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Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Gotcha!.... didn't I??  Bet you thought this was going to be "juicy" or maybe something "lewd and/or lascivious"??? LOL.  NOT!!!!  But I do have an addiction of sorts.  I love messages, graffitti, inspirational notes, anything that makes me laugh, pushes my limits, motivates, kicks me into gear... or just makes me feel good!  My source? ....Pinterest!

I love it!  My favorite part are the messages...So today no more text... Just Pinterest....
I want to be this woman........ ;-)

Following are "repins" from my "Wish I Said That" board......

* Warning  some of the information presented may be "risque".....

Someone obviously "peeped"  my hole card...
Definitely one to think about... and take heed!        
Plus it's really pretty... Must do a bead in these colors!

Mothers? Are you listening?
Thank you!  You know who you are!

And i have to end with this one... Not sure my Pastor would approve...but it had me on the floor rolling...with tears!

Have a Pinterest Day!

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