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Monday, October 18, 2010

Miracles Do Happen!

The other day I told you that I was having a horrible show.  Well that came to end early Sunday morning. My first sale was 3...hear me 3 of my boro bracelets with the multi dangles to one repeat customer, and then her friend bought another boro bracelet!  WooHoo...  Shortly, thereafter, I got an order for a custom necklace at a hefty commission...and then the sales just kept coming!

Not only was my faith restored, rather quickly I might add, but that's when you see your friends in action. Lisa, my children's Godmother, and second longest running friend ( we met at age 15) came by with a plaque that said "Faith makes things possible, but it's not promised to be easy".  So true. And another plaques that said "Laugh" to remind me not to take things so seriously.  And to boot 2 really beautiful inspirational cards. Bonnie came on Sunday to help me breakdown. I'm her youngest sons Godmother.  And Denise, my newest friend just came to sit with me, know it would make me feel better.  She was such a surprise!  She was there 30 minutes before I actually got to the show.

In just one day everything did an about face.  Suddenly...  That's what my pastor always says.    Suddenly... On Sunday, suddenly, I made more than enough to make up for the prior 2 days, and  the extra bonus....I had 3 wonderful friends take the time to make me feel better.

Take a look at the custom necklace I sold....

This is the custom necklace.   Almost all of the components are made in my studio.  It's a collection of metal charms and lampwork bead dangles. What's really cool is that  I can customize the words to the individual.  It's part of a series I call "Girl Talk".  I developed this collection because so often we're mothers, wives, and daughters, always taking care of our loved ones.  Sometimes we need just a little extra encouragement.  The "Girl Talk" collection does just that using positive words and affirmations to lift up , encourage, and make an impact on those that wear the charms !

Have a great day!


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