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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm off my break...

The last few days have been really hectic!  I just mailed almost 50 pieces of jewelry to St. Joseph, Michigan to the Krasl Hollywood show, put almost 50 pieces to a new gallery  I just joined called State of Mind Art Gallery, sent another 40 pieces to the Great Lakes Artisan Village  and of course I've got over 60 pieces in Lawrence Street Gallery!  I can finally breathe! But so much still to do.... Must get some beads on Etsy, and add jewelry to the new jewelry site, and....I have to make stuff for the One of A Kind show in Chicago in the next 3 weeks. Yikes! And in all of this I found time to try out some new work!

I'm learning how to paint. Me... I can't even draw a straight line, but I'm painting faces.  So why am I doing this?  I'm adding them  to my collage work. Tired of borrowing images to put under resin. I want to create all of it now.  My first two attempts are not bad, but still need work.   The first image is my first attempt, the second my revised version.  My instructor has given me some tips that I'll probably apply tomorrow and then  I'll post the  next revision.  But I'm fairly pleased. So that's why no beads have been made...but tomorrow I'm on the torch. For Real :)

So to satisfy those of you who want to see beads, here are some of my favorites from the Fire Divas! and the blog I write on Saturdays.... Enjoy!

Last week I told you my favorite color is purple and took you to  a number of fabulous beads made by some of the Fire Divas.  Today we're looking at another color. Not only is my second favorite color, its also the second favorite color next to blue of most people! It's seen as tranquil and refreshing, soothes us, relaxes us mentally as well as physically, alleviates depression, nervousness and anxiety, and offers a sense of renewal, self control and harmony. That's a mouthful. The color! You got it GREEN!  Check these out:

Beatle Baby Glass Works

Dorset Hill Beads   

Holly's Folly Glass   
Susan Lambert
Silver River's Glass Works
Spawn of Glass
Vedas Beads
Icarus Beads
Ashlyn Designs
A Houston
L .A . Jewelry Designs
What's your favorite color?

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