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Monday, November 8, 2010

Never enough time...

I had all these plans for today....make beads, make beads, and make more beads....what did i do today....???

Took the grand-baby to school, renewed my drivers licence for the second time in 60 days!  Uughh!   I can't believe the State lost the information.  Took care of some financial matters, worked on a friends computer , picked up the grandbaby from school, did homework with the grand-baby, cooked for the husband, and then just plopped on the couch.....

How many beads did I make??? Nada...None...Zero..  How many do I need????  A ton!

So I'll try again tomorrow.....

But I accomplished some really important things today.... I did something good for a friend ( one I've had over 30 years.  We went to high school together)..spent time with one of my grand children. I love them all, although I wish the others lived in Michigan.... Met with my financial planner.  I've been putting him off for weeks. And did something nice for the hubby.  He's really good to me.  I get to spend all my money on tools and supplies. Since I stopped working in corporate America he takes care of all the bills and I don't even think about them anymore.  He's my personal "Allstate"..you know the slogan...you're in good hands with Allstate!  I'm in good hands with Ronnie!

I've been working on my metal and resin work so I don't have any new beads to show,  Hopefully tomorrow I'll make some I'm happy with and have some for viewing on Wednesday....But....here are some goodies from the Fire Divas.....  .This was written on Handmade Spark's site... check it out


Have a great Monday evening, I'll check back on  Wednesday with pictures...


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