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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

It has actually stopped snowing for a few days. I can see the pavement, although there's still plenty of snow. As I walked up to my front door yesterday, I saw a few blades of green grass where the snow was beginning to recede, and it brought back strong urges to see spring colors! Bright greens and pinks, soft pastel yellows, and crisp blues... but short of  hopping on a plane to a warmer climate, the shortest distance to seeing those colors today is....(drumroll here please)...checking out all the Fire Divas' Lampwork beads on Etsy and Artfire!  So at some point today I will sit in my comfy chair, pull my "Snuggie" around me, grab a cup of herbal tea,  and just bask in all the "Springy" colors! Leave a comment if you see something that I missed! And lest I forget, keeping checking our blog, we have something special planned  just for you this month!

Amy Sims Designs
Spawn of Flame
Ashlyn Designs
May Beads
A. Houston
Lara Lutrick
Icarus Beads
Babs Beads and Designs
Ema K Designs
Holly's Folly Glass
River's Edge Glass
Shepherd Creations
Silver River's Glass
Paul Bead
Ugly Duckling Beads
Susan Lambert Glass

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