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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fantasy Shopping with the Fire Divas!

 I'm busy getting ready for Bead Bonanza at the Southfield Civic Center.!  You can find me with the other two FireFoxes ( Joy and Denise).

I haven't been able to post any of the new stuff I'm doing...but.....there's always the Fire Divas!  Check out the pictures I picked today for show and tell.....

 Fantasy Shopping Saturday

I marvel at glass.  The colors. The feel. The bond that happens when you see that one bead that 'screams' ...take me! take me! And  to think it all began almost 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia and Russia.  A beadmaker of that day, sat in front of a flame, probably in some sort of animal skin and bark (the garment of the day) and thought about the colors they would be using, the anticipation of  what the end result of the day's work would look like, and the excitement of  each new discovery. When we sit at our torches, that same anticipation and excitement permeates our thoughts. We're humbled to belong to a community of artisans that are thought to have created the oldest known art form. I wonder if that old saying applies here..... "everything new is old"...hmmm??? Let's check out the  Fire Divas and see! I'm betting it's all new! Oh, make sure you check us our daily.  There's news coming especially for you!

A. Houston
Ashlyn Designs
Holly's Folly Glass
Icarus Beads
Lara Lutrick
May Beads
Paul Bead
Rivers Edge Glass
Silver River Glass Work
Spawn of Flame
Sun Door Beads

Ugly Duckling Beads
Susan Lambert
Amy Sims Designs
Babs Beads and Designs

1 comment:

  1. Good luck today at the Bead Bonanza, I hope you ladies do great! :) Also, gorgeous choices as usual from the Fire Divas' beads.


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