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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best Bead Baltimore... Here We Come!

Just in case you didn't know I belong to 2 fabulous Lampwork groups, the Fire Divas, and Fire Foxes. Fire Divas is the online group I belong to... we spend most of our time promoting each other and showcasing fabulous beads by the members. We live in different parts of the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, and the U.K.

On the other hand, I'm part of a local group (only 3 of us ;-) ) who travel and do bead shows together. We call ourselves the "Fire Foxes". Seems I can't get away without a name using fire! But to get to my point. If you happen to be anywhere near Hunt Valley, MD ( it's real close to Baltimore)... stop in and visit the show. All three of us will be there, although Joy and I will be in and out teaching classes. Most likely you'll be able to find Denise easier....she'll be holding down the fort and having fun meeting all the interesting designers and shoppers. I'm so envious.....
At the bottom of this post are the classes Joy and I are teaching....we'd love to have you in class!
See you in Baltimore... ( I mean Hunt Valley)
! :-)

Our booth is in the ballroom, number 306. Look for us there.

Go to Relief Lampwork Flowers Class Details
Relief Lampwork Flowers
Best Bead Show-Baltimore
6/25/11 2:30 PM

Go to Perfectly Twisted Wire Earrings Class Details
Perfectly Twisted Wire Earrings
Best Bead Show-Baltimore
6/25/11 10:30 AM
All Levels

Go to Wired Beads and Leaves- Copper & Sterling Silver Class Details
Wired Beads and Leaves- Copper & Sterling Silver (same class, different pricing for copper vs silver)
Best Bead Show-Baltimore (different pricing for copper vs silver)
6/26/11 1:30 PM
All Levels

Joy is teaching the zigzag bracelet and a 3 hour animal print lampwork bead class.   LINK: http://www.bestbeadshow.com/ClassInstructors/Instructor.aspx?id=45

Go to ZigZag Bracelet Class Details
ZigZag Bracelet
Best Bead Show-Baltimore
6/26/11 10:00 AM
All Level
Go to Wild Safari Beads Class Details
Wild Safari Beads
Best Bead Show-Baltimore
6/25/11 10:00 AM
More details coming soon....

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