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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday with the Fire Divas

Today is my day for showcasing my friendsEverything is perfect.!  It's Saturday....The sun is out... it's a beautiful 80 degrees.  There's nothing on my "To Do" list except to "chill" with a capital "C", or do whatever I feel like doing today!  What I want to do most? Browse the shops of the Fire Divas. I find traveling from shop to shop, an adventure. On a daily basis I can find all sorts of goodies,....whimsical characters, beautiful serene nature, fun and funky, and, dots and swirls.  I could go on, and on....but instead of talking about them, how about a taste of what you'll find in their shops? Follow me....and then check them out on your own.  I guarantee you...you won't be disappointed!

Bab's Beads and Design
Kitty Lampwork
Holly's Folly Glass
Shepherd Creations
Ashlyn Design
Susan Lambert
Right Turn Art Werks

Rivers Edge Glass
Icarus Beads
FenG Beads
Silver River Glasswork
Spawn of Flame
Sun Door Beads
Ugly Duckling Beads

 And don't forget to visit my other friends Denise and Joy at Fire Foxes Glass. I'm one of the members there too, :0

 Fire Dance Lampwork Beads

And look Joys next week!

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