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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Staying on Task

I came into the new year with certain expectations for me....Less talk, more do.  But what does that really mean? Here goes: Less talk, more do... LOL

I have a terrible habit of spending hours planning and organizing. I create beautiful time lines , well defined goals with extremely detailed sub-goals.  Anyone could pick up my notes and do what I do on a daily basis.  That's agood trait, right?? NOT!!!  By the time I finish and looking at everything that needs to be done I am totally overwhelmed, and tired!!  So nothing gets done!!!  I mean nothing!!

The only thing that gets me through, are the deadlines that are still looming.  So once I can get my head wrapped around my well defined goals and extremely detailed sub-goals, I'm doing the "panic" dance. Fortunately, my "Muse" tends to show up, gives me the energy and direction I need, and I'm able to complete multiple assignments meeting all my deadlines.  But it's exhausting...!
This year I've tweaked how I plan to do things.  I found this program for my IPad2 that allows me to keep all of my details in one place. It's actually a visual gantt chart.  It has a few things missing that would be helpful, but all in all, it's a fantastic means of breaking everything down in small tasks in a format that doesn't overwhelm me. This fabulous program... iScope- Project Management.  I love it! Let me say upfront, I am not a spokesperson, at least not a paid one ;-)... but it's a really comprehensive Gantt chart for humans...thier term of course ;-)  It has so many features packed into a small frame...but perfectly capable of managing multiple tasks efficiently.  Check out the screen shots below.

This is the home screen.  It browses all of your projects at a glance (left column).  You can see a global status of each project,  number of tasks completed, number of tasks outstanding tasks outstanding, responsible parties, etc.

To see the specific tasks, you would tap on the specific project which will take you to all the information associated with that project.  Imagine everything with just one tap! See the next screeen....

Everything at your fingertips! I can see each task for a specif project. The due date.. and all notes for that project.  Behind the note section is the attachment tab.  I've been able to plan my class schedule really easily.  I build my project one task at a time and be able to find everything quickly.  In many cases with just one tap.  I love the "visual-ness" of it.  Anyone who has ever worked with Gantt chart knows, they utterly boring and difficult to read... at least mine were ;-) .  This program is interactive so I'm never bored. I keep adding tasks, 'cause it's so fun.... Imagine that...

This is how I add/change task due dates. Just roll the date into place...It updates the global screen automatically.  One benefit... the hierarchy goes three levels deep... (satisfies my detail "jones").

Once I complete a task it adjusts all the sub-tasks automatically... Easy, peasy.  Oh, and I can "drag-and-drop" to reorder all my tasks.

All tasks and sub-tasks with attachments tab (the note pad is now in the background, just click to bring it forward).

And..... the responsibility tab.  I call it the "finger pointing validation"  screen.  This tells you the responsible party for each task, the home screen (where the global information is) will tell you how "on task" each person is...these days that would be me!  This would have been great when I was working as a Marketing Director, how easy managing would have been if I could see at a glance where my team needed help making deadlines....
The best part... the app was only $4.99...how great is that!  ;-)...

What do you use to stay "on task"???


  1. Kathleen, I have a full-time job, two teenage daughters (one going off to college in the Fall), I take care of my elderly mom who lives nearby in an assisted living home, manage my husband's new business venture and make jewelry for Bella the Bead....I NEED THIS APP!!!! I'm going to look at it right now......THANKS for sharing this info!!! :)

  2. I am the complete opposite I can't organize for toffee but I have stuff coming out of my ears so maybe this could help me be a little more organized, though it looks a bit daunting

  3. I need lists and such to motivate me but I still don't get things done. Maybe after we move!

  4. Bella.. This app has been a lifesaver! I'm juggling teaching 7-8 jewelry classes , each with 5-7 projects every semester, grandson's activities, national teaching, national and local shows, and subject to missing deadlines, forgetting where I supposed to be...you name it... This is the first time I've been this organized! the last time was 8 years ago when I had 2 dedicated secretaries.. LOL Let me know how it works for you

  5. Crystal..before this i was a list person...always lost them.. and they would be all over the place .. NOt sure how you do it with 2 new babies :_))

    Glitter... it's really easy...

  6. Great program to keep things in check! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I am going to check out this site.

  8. I may try it but if it's complicated to use, I know it will sit in a corner. Limited techinical skills. Takes me longer to learn how to do something new of a technical nature than to do it 10 times the old way. Panic brain freeze sets in at the thought of a new electronic anything.

  9. Sounds like something I should look into but it looks too techie for me..Good luck

  10. Crystal..before this i was a list person...always lost them.. and they would be all over the place .. NOt sure how you do it with 2 new babies :_))

    Glitter... it's really easy...

  11. uniquecozytreasures- This must be great to use.

  12. ahh you organized folk..I envy it.

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